We have registered a charity for the British World Atheletics Gold Medalist Mo Farah.

There are over 160,000 charities registered in England and Wales with a total income of over 52 billion. Every year thousands of new charities are formed and registered with the Charity Commission.


Charities are voluntary or not-for-profit organisations run by individuals who have a common interest in benefiting a section of the public anywhere in the world. Sometimes, individuals may already be operating as a charity, but may not be legally constituted and may be operating informally.  

To be a charity an organisation must have purposes or aims all of which are exclusively charitable; a charity cannot have some purposes which are charitable and others which are not. There is no automatic presumption that an organisation with a stated aim that falls within one of the descriptions of purposes is charitable. To be a ?charitable purpose? it must be for the public benefit. This has to be demonstrated in each case. The Charities Act 2006 defines a charitable purpose, explicitly....